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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Introducing "Lone Free"

Hello, parents.

I am the 40-year-old mother of a 5-year-old boy, and also (distant second) a freelance lifestyle journalist. Like many only children, Beau is the center of our lives. (In this case, "our" includes my husband and my twin sister, who lives with us. And more on that "center of our lives" dynamic later. I know you're not supposed to let it happen. But it happens.)

Beau's birth and babyhood felt like grace, pure joy. Yes, there were minor bumps. But somehow we got lucky. Though born to older, moody parents, the kid was a Buddha--all smiles and sleep. Today, he is a charming rascal whom we sometimes refer to as "The Little Lebowski" -- moseying along to his own drummer, when he's not boiling over with mischief. Never hurries, rarely worries. "Just be HAPPY," he tells us, rolling his eyes. OK.

Now, as he grows, and as it becomes apparent he'll have no siblings to join him, I'm eager to launch some community with other parents of only children. Guilt is our lot. (If you've got an only child and don't feel that way, please tell me: I'd like to know you.) I feel guilty that he has no siblings. I feel guilty for sometimes still wishing for that second baby. I feel guilty for being gleeful that all the early stumbling blocks are over -- the potty-training that took freaking YEARS, the pacifier he was stuck to like Mod Podge on a felt square -- and that we can now do fun things (e.g. camping) with relative freedom and ease.

Please join me as I share my stories. I'd love getting yours in return.



  1. I've always thought you should write a blog! I'll be following along - and I hope we get to visit Asheville and meet Beau and your husband someday.

  2. Yay Melie! A blog is a great idea for you!As you know I too am a parent to one. I can't wait to compare experiences. I have a feeling Xavier is much like Beau.

  3. Looking forward to following your blog, Mel! I just love your writing, and I'm glad you're putting it out there for the masses.